Saved by the Harbaugh

September 23, 2016


There are certain coaches and players in college football and the NFL that make our lives better. I love watching Tony Romo, Jay Culter, and Phil Rivers play quarterback and it has nothing to do with their abilities to throw the ball. Similarly head coaches, especially in college football, can make for must see tv and can provide a great viewing experience regardless of the score. My favorite coaches to watch on the sidelines (in no particular order) are Dana Holgorsen, Bob Stoops, Bo Pelini (even though he’s in witness protection at Youngstown State right now), Rich Rodriguez, Dabo Swinney, and Jim Harbaugh (RIP Steve Spurier from this list, not from the world). Each has their own niche. Holgorsen is a maniac on the sidelines, and I mean that literally, he’s constantly in a manic state. You can usually tell how the Mountaineers’ games are going by the state of Holgorsen’s hair. He also has an aptitude for throwing things off his head, be it a visor or his headset.


Big game Bob used to be a sincere nickname for Stoops. Now it’s an ironic term typically used by Longhorn fans when the Sooners embarrass themselves in the spotlight. Prime examples of this are 3 of their last 4 games; a home loss to Ohio St, an open season loss vs Houston, and their playoff debacle vs Clemson. Bob’s facial expressions and body language during all of those games were fantastic, stewed to perfection even. I pray Big game Bob continues at his post in Norman so we can continue to enjoy.


While all these men are at least slightly mentally unstable, the weirdest has to be Jim Harbaugh. During episode 3 of Longhorn Leap – Leap Around the Nation – Myrick pointed out that Harbaugh seems to be getting weirder as he gets older. I couldn’t agree more. I have no idea what it’s like to actually hang out with Harbaugh, but I bet it’s an experience you can otherwise only achieve by taking hallucinogens. As promised here is the clip of Harbaugh in his previous life as a normal dude going on what has turned out to be an extremely dated 90’s tv show.

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