The Meme That Launched 1000 Memes

September 29, 2016


Last weekend we had the privilege to meet the aggie meme guy. As mentioned in episode 4  of the podcast (Longhorn Leap, you can subscribe on iTunes, or soundcloud), when you google dumb aggie fan, this guy’s picture pops up first. Ironically he’s now a doctor, so even though he’s an aggie, he is far from dumb. He is also a really nice guy and a great sport about his internet infamy. Bottom line is that everyone who truly cares about a team has had that look on their face at some point. I think that’s why that picture is so hilarious, because even though I was probably really happy with whatever inspired that look on his face, I empathize with him as a sports fan.

When Paul and I approached him at the wedding reception of our mutual friend, he was extremely personable and gladly talked to us about that fateful moment. When asked what was going through his mind he said, and I’m paraphrasing here, I just couldn’t believe what was happening. Now I was a few drinks in at a wedding reception mind you but I told him how we were anxiously awaiting this meeting and asked him if he would take some pictures with Paul making that face. He obliged. We are very thorough here at the Longhorn Leap so we got pictures from different angles. Enjoy!










We’d like to thank Aggie Meme Guy for being such a great sport. We’d also like to thank him for providing us with the original meme that makes us laugh every time we use it. Hopefully he never makes this face as a physician.


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