Longhorn Leap is the culmination of 60 combined years of watching, reading and overall consumption of all that is UT sports by Chris Myrick and Daniel Mekhail. They are both proud Texas alums that hope to one day be featured in one of those Longhorn Network commercials honoring accomplished Longhorns. They hail from Texas even though both have moved to opposite ends of the country. Podcasting for Longhorn Leap may very well be the defining project of their lives.



Daniel met Ricky Williams on a plane once. He was flying from Austin to Vegas with a connection through Denver. On the first flight headed to Denver, Daniel was shocked to see Ricky Williams walk past him and sit just 4 rows behind him in coach. He was equally shocked how a plane full of people flying out of Austin didn’t seem to recognize the Longhorn legend. He began whatsapping his friends as he couldn’t believe the circumstance he was in. Unfortunately, his friends are jerks and demanded proof. But what was he to do? He didn’t want to confront Ricky before the plane took off and blow up his spot, nor did he want to creepily take a picture of him while walking to the bathroom when the plane was airborne. Once the plane was landing, Daniel was wracking his brain trying to come up with a feasible way to meet Ricky and get proof of the encounter. The only thing he had for Ricky to sign was a fantasy football constitution he had just made for his league (not dorky, he was the commissioner). So once the plane landed, Daniel shot up out of his seat and raced back to Ricky’s seat. Ricky was personable and gladly shook Daniel’s hand and signed his fantasy football constitution (which was a self made scroll mind you). The rest of the details of the encounter have been lost from Daniel’s memory as he was just so excited and nervous.



Myrick has never met Ricky Williams.


Data Dan

We are proud to announce Dan Maland, aka Data Dan, has joined the Leap team and will be putting out a weekly gambling column! Data Dan has also never met Ricky Williams.